Prime Minister David Cameron with Theresa May

Kanwal Toor summarises the political drama unfolded on national television for Asian Lite

Prime Minister David Cameron with  Theresa May
Prime Minister David Cameron with Theresa May

As I sit in my kitchen overlooking the garden with a gin and tonic in my hand, seeing the political drama unfolding in front of my eyes here on TV, a certain flutter tickles my stomach. The flutter of excitement, of sweet uncertainty, a certain romance just the way you would feel in High school, the first time you met your school sweetheart.

Post Brexit we’ve all become used to shocks (who would have thought a few weeks ago we wouldn’t be in the EU anymore!?). Since the 23rd, for one or another reason, politics has kept us glued to our TV sets, and of course in my case to LBC. (Nick Ferari the sheer genius he is!). Whether it was a certain Mr Johnson being stabbed by his ally or the stabber succumbing to his own long con. Who knows the inside stories of Westminster? We can only speculate and conspiracy theorists can have a field day on rather Machiavellian stories from how Mr George Osborne orchestrated all this to Mr. Cameron being the real Puppet Master behind the stitch up. Anyway if you ask me – this is politics. Take it or leave it.

One thing that is clear is that Mr David Cameron has been an impeccable leader. He promised in the manifesto that he would hold a referendum & he did. He lost in the end – and some compare the referendum to a political suicide. I would disagree vehemently, leaders like David Cameron make history and this man is not being written off anytime soon.

The Conservative Party has a new leader today; Theresa May – a tactile politician, for the experience she has, the respect she carries herself with, I give her full marks. I became a fan when she vociferously stated “I am not a Remainer neither a Brexiteer,  I am a Conservative and have job to do!”. Voila, magic, music to my ears. Please can we all get on with it? Well for Theresa May – it’s your turn now! The ball is in your court. Whether or not this will work for the Tories, only time will tell. But I truly feel after weeks and weeks of uncertainty and turmoil we are in safe hands once again. I feel a certain excitement for us, as if a certain gloominess has lifted, the nation can celebrate (finally), and our future is BRIGHT!! Happy Days!

Kanwal Toor
Kanwal Toor

(Kanwal Toor – Gill is  Founder of Collective for Women & Children and  Deputy Chair Beaconsfield Constituency Conservatives Association)

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