The world’s most famous clock, Big Ben, is desperate for repairs according to various reports, says Asian Lite News

Big Ben ParliamentMinisters have warned that should repairs not be carried out, then the clocks bongs would go completely quiet causing “reputational damage.”

A cross-party report suggested that to refurbish the clock to the required standard and provide it with a long-term fix, would cost £40 million.

The Great Clock is 151-years-old, with the investigation finding cracks in the masonry while other improvements are required to bring it in line with strict health and safety regulations.

In a report seen by the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday, it said: “There are major concerns that if this is not carried out…the clock mechanism is at risk of failure with the huge risk of international reputational damage for Parliament.

“In the event of a clock-hand failure, it could take up to a year to repair due to the scaffolding needed.”

The report added that it would cost £4.9 million to avoid the embarrassment of having the clock stopping, but cost £29 million for a full fix, plus another £11 million to incorporate a visitor centre on the site.

A government spokesman told the BBC: “No decisions on works, timescales or costs have been agreed.

“Committees of both Houses are currently considering the study.”



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