Acclaimed columnist/author Yasmin Alibhai-Brown urged British-Asian communities to come out to expose the ‘sexual hyenas’ roaming amongst them….reports Asian Lite News

Yasmin Ali Bhai-Brown
Yasmin Ali Bhai-Brown

Yasmin in an article titled ‘These are our daughters’ in the Huffington Post said “Asians must dig deep and recognise that there is something rotten in our cultures, deeper reasons why these men do what they do. Too many of our men have a problem with females. And sex.

“Let me say this loud and clear: the sex fiends are a small minority. Most Asian or Muslim men are not hunting and hurting young white girls. Abusers come from all classes and backgrounds. Jimmy Savile, master of deceptions, was not a well disguised Pakistani. Nor are Max Clifford and BBC presenter Stuart Hall. MP Cyril Smith, who, represented Rochdale, freely abused countless boys. In that same Rochdale Asian grooming gangs have been corrupting young lives.”

Yasmin, a front row fighter of human rights, said hundreds of children in Rotherham were groomed, abused and passed round by men who were Asian and of Pakistani origin. They were mostly young girls from poor or damaged families. Some were in state care. People knew. Rotherham is a small place. Reports produced on this evil were quietly shelved. The local council and police, politicians and ‘community leaders’ did nothing, zilch. Instead of saving children who were being gang raped, drugged, assaulted, threatened and terrorised, they protected themselves and tried to disprove the victims. The rapists and authorities felt contempt for the victims.

“They were trash, nothing, daughters from the badlands. Do you think they would have got way with such group crimes in Chelsea or Knightsbridge?,” she asked.

“Only we don’t talk about such things. Our languages don’t even have words for sexual parts or acts. I want to break this awful conspiracy of silence. We are all taught from an early age to keep secrets, protect our own. Well sod that.

“What we need is Asian women in Rotherham, and Rochdale, Oxford and Luton, all those places with these sexual hyenas to come out, march with white mums and shout ‘These are our daughters’ .

“Perhaps good men can be with them too, so show their disgust, she added. “Human rights are for all, black, brown and white.”

Nikki Bedi, Kabir Bedi, Matthew Wright, Amelia Wright, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Meera Syal at the launch of The House of Hidden Mothers image by
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, (middle) with Nikki Bedi, Kabir Bedi, Matthew Wright, Amelia Wright, and Meera Syal at the launch of The House of Hidden Mothers – image by


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