Kanwal Toor tracking the mayoral candidates in London. She met Conservative’s Zac Goldsmith in Croydon and impressed with his strategy to solve London’s major issues like housing and transport

Zac Goldsmith addressing supporters in Croydon
Zac Goldsmith addressing supporters in Croydon

London Mayoral Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith officially launched his campaign in Croydon last week. The event was attended by over 200 people. Eagerly awaiting to hear what their leader had to say!

Zac was his usual charismatic self – self assured, honest, articulate and meaningful. In his Speech (spoken with gumption and honesty) he pointed out four important actions he intends to take, to make London a better place.

Fixing London’s housing crisis is a tough one, but not impossible for a man with such conviction. Doubling home building to 50, 000 a year. A huge task, but surely if executed correctly, can be accomplished. He spoke of how, he wanted to ensure that Londoners get the FIRST chance to buy homes. And also to ensure, that a proportion of all news homes, were used for renters only and not reselling.

Kanwal Toor, Keith Prince with Zac Goldsmith
Kanwal Toor, Keith Prince with Zac Goldsmith

While driving to the venue I heard him talk on LBC. Well, as usual the man sounded to the point, humble & eloquent. In the few minutes he spoke, he reiterated that his key target was, to make enough houses available for Londoners – and I truly believe he can achieve that.

Improving the capacity and reliability of London’s transport system is another important aspect of his campaign. Night tubes should go ahead, he mentioned and growing the rail network, was important to him. Bringing suburban rail services under the mayoral rule to improve services was another KRA.  All makes sense to me and Londoners at large.

He has Green Credentials – We all know that. I believe we need leaders who understand the importance of keeping our environment intact. A leader who is far sighted and believes that we need to keep our resources sustainable, for future generations. Zac Goldsmith is a father, and a being a parent helps him understand that conserving environment matters.

Making London safer – This was reiterated in his speech.  He would ensure – London is safer for all he mentioned. Helping neighbourhood policing team, tackling root causes of crime, to putting more police on public transport – all aspects he would focus on. These priorities can only come from man, who understands freedom and how our lives and freedom shouldn’t be threatened by anyone or anything.

As a Londoner all his arguments are convincing and of utmost importance. Londoners need a leader who will deliver and not just promise. One that understands their needs. One who is empathetic and honest. One who is not in the race for personal gains.  Zac Goldsmith believes in what he says – and follows it through. He makes cogent points, whether it’s calling the Eurosceptics  “headbangers” or not being coerced (by a rather pushy journalist) into giving “false promises” – the man stands his ground and commands a certain respect.

Zac Goldsmith addressing supporters in Croydon
Zac Goldsmith addressing supporters in Croydon




  1. Zac Goldsmith, Son of late billionaire financier James Goldsmith, another old Etonian but one who was expelled for cannabis possession; inherited about £300m when his father died, committed environmentalist, have very positive Eurosceptic view.

    Goldsmith plans to write to 77,000 voters in his constituency asking their permission to stand in next year’s mayoral election. He is thought to be the Tories best hope against Labour MP Sadiq Khan.

    I am not sure this Millionaire environmentalist can replace Boris Johnson. Only time could tell how the clock tick……..


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