Photo Credit: Mirror
Photo Credit: Mirror

The missing Bradford sister believed to be in an ISIS-controlled part of Syria told a friend she ‘did not want her daughters to grow up in England’.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said Zohra Dawood ‘didn’t like the UK’ as it was becoming ‘more like America’.

Ms Dawood along with her sisters Khadija and Sugra, all from Bradford, West Yorkshire, went missing with their nine children aged between three and 15.

A people smuggler has claimed they have reached an ISIS-held part of war-torn northern Syria from Turkey by dividing into two groups reported Daily Mail.

The friend of Ms Dawood said she told her: ‘I don’t want my children living in this society.’

Speaking to the BBC, the unnamed friend added: ‘She says she wants to live in Saudi Arabia because she didn’t like the UK.’

Asked if she questioned her over her new found radical beliefs, she said: ‘No because by then Zohra completely ignored us. She didn’t talk to anyone. I don’t know what she was thinking.’

According to the trafficker, the British group of 12 passed over the border from Turkey earlier this week.

The smuggler, identified as being in charge of some of ISIS’s border operations, said the first group made the crossing early on Wednesday, followed by the second .




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