The last rebel convoy is slated to leave eastern Aleppo through Ramouseh crossing on Thursday, according to military officials….reports Asian Lite News

Red Crescent vehicles wait for the evacuation of rebels in Ramouseh area, south of Aleppo city (Xinhua/Ammar Safarjalani)

Xinhua news agency reporters at the site saw the convoys leaving. Some rebels have carried light rifles.

Red Crescent ambulances are still at the bridge of Ramouseh, observing the evacuation.

“The evacuation of rebels is in its last stage and expected to finish within three hours if nothing happened,” a military source said.

A Syrian soldier at the site was holding a Syrian flag waiting for going up on a high building to raise it and celebrate after the last rebel leaves.

The evacuation of rebels and their families started on December 15, as part of a Russian Turkish-deal to end the rebels’ presence in eastern Aleppo after the army took over 99 per cent of the rebel-held areas.



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