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Mayweather to take Arabian Nites to US

Mayweather @Arabian Nites

Undefeated World champion Floyd Mayweather states he would love to take Arabian Nites, Birmingham concept to the states

Mayweather @Arabian Nites
Mayweather @Arabian Nites
Mayweather @Arabian Nites
Mayweather @Arabian Nites

It was a rainy day in Birmingham. But several VIP guests walked the red carpet for an evening with undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather at Arabian Nites, the one stop entertainment centre. The guests want to check out the cuisine and stylish and lavish set up at the centre.

The A-list boxer was ushered into Arabian Nites under a super-slick security operation to enjoy an evening of exquisite food, mock tails and live entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

As the leading high-profile lounge, restaurant, dessert parlour and event venue in Birmingham, Arabian Nites directly caters to the City’s most affluent clientele by providing a sophisticated decor and flawless Arabian style customer service, complete with exhilarating entertainment. In addition to costumed performers and dancers, parties at Arabian Nites, at Bissell Street Birmingham are also ignited the by regular rotation of well-known A list celebrity guests.

Floyd Mayweather commenced the evening with fine dining  cuisine form Turkish restaurant, followed by mock tails and mouth-watering deserts from the dessert lounge he then ended the evening at Arabian Nites entertainment centre  Arabian style after party. After spending five hours at Arabian Nites the millionaire boxer commented that he would like to take Arabian Nites concept to the states.

Qamran Rafiq  spokesperson for  Arabian Nites said: ‘It was privilege to have Floyd Mayweather exclusively dine and enjoy the Arabian Nites experience and look forward to commencing talks and look forward to welcoming Floyd Waywaether back to Arabian Nites as his regular stop’

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