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It is not often that three young MBA students, from the second batch of a new university, get to organize an event at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.
Akshay Mishra, Mehul Malviya and Sachin Batra, students at the Faculty of Management Studies at Sri Sri University,at Odisha are currently pursuing their summer internship projects, at the World Forum For Ethics in Business (WFEB) in Germany.
During the course of their two-month  internship, they will be a part of the organizing committee of the WFEB for the ‘Ethics in Sports’ meet to be held at the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich in September.
“We have been working on getting sponsorships for the event. We also work on social media advertising and making booklets and presentations, at the back-end. It has been really challenging, but at the same time we are also gaining tremendous exposure,” say Akshay, Sachin and Mehul.
“We have had the opportunity to meet the top level management in some of the best companies in Europe. We also had the opportunity to meet officials from the organizing committee of this year’s FIFA World Cup.
According to them, the Summer Internship Project at the Sri Sri University, which is an integral part of the MBA Curriculum along with self-audit and the Capstone Project (famously introduced by Harvard), help build strong corporate networks.
“Not many colleges in India offer opportunities to intern at such large organizations. WFEB has a global presence, just like the Art of Living Foundation, its parent organization. The Foundation’s Global Network is a huge advantage for students at the university,” they add.
“What sets us apart from all the other universities are the ethical values that are inculcated as part of the curriculum. The university not only wants to mould good managers, but also ethical managers, who are much-needed today.”


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