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Abbas requests UN protection


a27f589714b55a28c46e23d6f4943009 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday asked the United Nations for international protection to the Palestinian people amid escalating Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

In a meeting in Ramallah between Mahmoud Abbas and Robert Serry, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s envoy to the Middle East, Abbas handed Serry an official letter asking for UN protection for the Palestinians, Xinhua reported.

Abbas said the unabated Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people was unbearable and patience was running out for what Israel is doing against Palestinian people.

“Therefore, this aggression should immediately stop,” Abbas said.

Abbas’s request to the UN to protect the Palestinian people was made as the large-scale Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip continued for the sixth day, killing 165 people and wounding over 1,000 others.

“There are many decisions of the Palestinian leadership to stop the aggression that will be declared very soon,” Abbas added.

Hanan Ashrawi, a member in Palestine Liberation Organisation, said the Palestine plans to join 20 international treaties within the coming days.

“The Palestinian leadership will expand its diplomatic activities, by joining the international agencies and treaties that enable the Palestinians to face the aggressive Israeli actions,” Ashrawi said.

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