Chinese PLA solider held for entering Indian territory


A Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldier was apprehended after he crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh and entered the Indian territory, the Indian Army has stated.

“During early hours of January 8, a Chinese soldier was apprehended on the Indian Side of the LAC in Ladakh in area South of Pangong lake,” the Army said.

It further stated that the PLA soldier had transgressed across the LAC and was taken into custody by Indian troops deployed in this area.

Troops from either side are deployed along the LAC since friction erupted last year due to unprecedented mobilisation and forward concentration by Chinese troops.

“The PLA soldier is being dealt with as per laid down procedures and circumstances under which he had crossed the LAC are being investigated,” the Indian Army stated.

It was on August 28, 2020 and August 29, 2020, Indian troops in a precautionary deployment, pre-empted Chinese expansionist designs and occupied heights along the southern bank of Pangong Tso.

The soldier on Friday was caught transgressing the same region.

Last week, the Defence Ministry in its year end review had stated that PLA escalated the situation at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh by the utilisation of “unorthodox weapons and amassing large number of troops.”

The Ministry that Chinese made unilateral and provocative actions to change the status quo by force, in more than one area on the LAC.

Thereafter India responded to in a firm and non-escalatory way, ensuring the sanctity of claims in Eastern Ladakh.

India has categorically conveyed China that any attempt to unilaterally alter the status quo at the border is unacceptable and that India is determined to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

India and China are engaged in a nine-month-long standoff at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh.

Despite several levels of dialogue, there has not been any breakthrough and the deadlock continues.

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The tensions started with skirmishes in Pangong Tso lake in May when troops came to blows on more than one occasion, leaving many injured on both sides. On June 15, in an ugly clash in the Galwan Valley, 20 Indian soldiers died, while the Chinese never made their casualty public.

There have been eight rounds of military talks at the Corps Commander level to find a solution to the standoff that started early May but the deadlock continues.

Despite the previous talks on November 6 on a disengagement plan, there has been no forward movement and no further dialogue has taken place to implement measures discussed to ease out tensions.

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