DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

Mother & Son - Family Young motherWhy is it when a young man marries a woman and stops stepping up to the plate as a son and brother everyone in the family blames the minted wife.

A distant relative of mine has done the dirty to his aging parents and being a complete pratt which is not something new and yet, the defensive parents and siblings find much refuge in the self con: he was the perfect child till she came along. She was the one who ruined him, changed him, he was so good and caring, now look.

Oh yeah, smell the Horlicks, he was a jerk then and he is a bigger jerk now. That is all. Maybe she is Cruella de Ville and accelerated the process of alienating the idiot because she did not want his Mumsie and Da as part of the marriage package but don’t wash him in milk. He is a selfish little twit and you just have to come to terms with the fact that he turned out to be a sod.
Doing the dirty on your parents or becoming long distance visitors or simply creating walls and fences and not being there when you are needed has become common. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone with such a problem and there is no need to gloat over it…just consider yourself lucky. Long distance relationships are becoming increasingly the norm. Parents, like old slippers are confined to as corner of your life, a certain lip service is paid, some ass kissing if they are rich, but by and large, don’t mess with my life.
The young do not want to be responsible or be there. It is easier to salve the conscience with passing concern that requires on effort.
Just don’t blame the wife. He was not the super duper model of a son in the first place, he was just waiting for the chance to scarper, find a slight, blame the parents or the brothers and sisters over the usual property, land ,money war of attrition and use it as an excuse for running away.
Sad when parents have to play let’s pretend and then dump on the daughter in law who supposedly corrupted sonny boy. I guess it is their only crutch for the big let down.



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