DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

Camel WomanA friend of mine wants revenge. Someone he trusted has done the dirty on him and he is hoping mad because he feels cheated, betrayed, let down and that is just for starters.
Told him, waste of time and energy, enjoy the scenarios but don’t carry them out.
Why not, I want to get even so bad I can taste it.
Because revenge, my friend, has a nasty habit of biting you in the butt, you get snarled in it.
Yes, but I can’t just let him get away with it, he conned me.
Do what I do…
And that is…
Walk away and let a third person get even for me.
What third person?
You don’t have to know him, but there is always a third person, the guy who let you down, he gets let down in spades by somebody else.
What are you blathering about…
It’s true, I have seen it so often, if what you did was a decent thing and someone cheated you, believe me, that person will get his comeuppance, all scores get settled here on earth with less than six degrees of separation.
What rot?
It isn’t. I have seen it so often, people cross you and you can seethe as much as you want at the injustice of it and then, one day, circumstances do it to that guy the way he did it to you. Ditto, he did it to you because you did it to someone, we aren’t perfect?
More silence.
So nothing…as long as you were and are a decent person with your heart in the right place just take a front row seat and wait for the show to begin…it will begin…the culprit may even be at your door one day seeking peace…mark my words.



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