Egypt is continuing its efforts to put an end to the “inhumane blockade” imposed by Israel on the Gaza strip, Egypt’s foreign ministry said Sunday. Egypt is seen widely as collaborators on stifling blockade on Gaza as it has shut down its border joining hands with Israel.
ISRAEL-7-HOUR HUMANITARIAN TRUCE-ANNOUNCEMENT“Practical procedures made by Egypt to end the Gaza blockade will continue out of Egypt’s historical and ethical responsibility towards its Palestinian brothers,” Xinhua reported citing the statement. 

The statement said that Egypt is keen on keeping Rafah border crossing “constantly and exceptionally” open since the Israeli offensive started on Gaza to relieve the suffering of the Strip residents, noting that as many as 7,500 individuals and more than 1,200 tons of food and medicine have passed through the crossing from both sides.

The ongoing Israeli offensive on the restive Gaza Strip has left more than 1,900 Palestinians killed and about 10,000 wounded, while Hamas attacks killed 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians.

On Sunday, Egypt got both the Palestinians and Israel on board for an extra 72-hour ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt managed earlier to broker a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire between the two sides that expired Friday.



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