Leaders from the European Union and its 28 member states strongly condemned the deadly attacks in Brussels on Tuesday and expressed their solidarity with the Belgian authorities

Security alert in Paris after the Brussels attacks
Security alert in Paris after the Brussels attacks

The EU heads of state or government and the leaders of the EU institutions published a joint statement hours after explosions killed at least 34 people in Brussels.

Three apparently explosions at Brussels International Airport and a metro station shook Brussels, a city hosts most EU institutions and meetings.

“The European Union mourns the victims of today’s terrorist attacks in Brussels. It was an attack on our open democratic society,” the leaders said in their joint statement.

“Our common European institutions are hosted in Brussels, thanks to the generosity of the government of Belgium and the Belgian people. The European Union and its Member States stand firm with Belgium in solidarity and are determined to face this threat together with all necessary means,” they said.

Meanwhile, the EU leaders committed to fight against global terrorism.

“This latest attack only strengthens our resolve to defend the European values and tolerance from the attacks of the intolerant. We will be united and firm in the fight against hatred, violent extremism and terrorism,” the statement said.

Many monuments in Europe were lit up in the colours of the Belgian flag in solidarity with the victims of Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris was seen with the black, yellow and red colours of the Belgian flag in tribute to the victims of Brussels bomb attacks. In Berlin, the Brandenburg gate was illuminated in the colours of the Belgian flag in tribute to Tuesday’s victims. The courthouse in Lyon, France paid tribute to the victims by painting the building in Belgian flag colours, The Guardian reported here.




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