Itna drama! For what? Is he real or fake? Is he credible? An EVM expert has made some stunning and sensational revelations pertaining to Electronic Voting Machines and the General Elections 2014 in India… reports Ragasudha  Vinjamuri for Asian Lite. With General Elections in India just couple of months away, the unveiling of the story behind EVMs during the last elections raises many an eyebrow

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Syed Shuja addressing journalist through Skype in London

Addressing a media conference organised by Indian Journalists Association Europe (IJA) in co-operation with Foreign Press Association, through video conversation from USA, Syed Shuja claims murders have been committed and manipulations have been made during post-election scenario, and directly names BJP as the mastermind behind all this. He also says that money has been offered to those who not only were to demonstrate EVM hackability in London during this conference but also compromised on his location leading to an attack on him last week.

The timing and the manner when this comes out remains quite interesting. With General Elections in India just couple of months away, the unveiling of the story behind EVMs during the last elections raises many an eyebrow.

Shuja claims he worked in radio-frequency equipment manufacture from 2009-2014 when ECIL was instrumental in making EVMs, and the machines had the feature of not capable of being hacked by Bluetooth or WiFi. He also claims minister late Gopinath Munde has asked if the EVMs had the prospect of being hacked, assuring to get better machines made in the following lot. What Shuja claims further turns not only intriguing but also shocking. He claims that Munde has been killed by his own party in the disguise of road accident, because he was aware of EVM tampering, and that the entire national election of 2014 was totally manipulated and rigged.  He claims that he and his team mates observed unusual activity on the modulators pertaining to the data during the election process in 2014. Initially they wanted to make some quick buck by demanding ransom, which in due course turned into a blood shed of his entire team.

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IJA’s Ashis Ray at the conference

The shooting at point blank range happened at the behest of a BJP leader in Hyderabad, states Shuja, adding that it was later covered up as communal violence. Claims that the election results of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, UP et al in 2014 were completely tampered with, that he and his new team members have intercepted and reversed the recent results in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and MP, that investigating officer Tanzil Mohammed and journalist Gauri Lankesh were murdered to stop the exposure of truth, were all directly attributed to BJP and this probably sets the cat among the pigeons! He also claims Election Commission of India is aware of discrepancies. He also goes an extra mile with a wild allegation that the Referendum in Britain has also been tampered with. He highlights the role of Reliance Communications at one point, and constantly points out BJP and its allies as sole beneficiaries.

His revelations, coupled with the presence of Congress politician Kapil Sibal and representatives of other governments (of Mahagathbandhan alliance) certainly aroused keen questions and cast doubts on the content, coherence and timing. His evasion of questions from journalists citing emotional intensity to relive and recount the incidents and information also brings into question some of the tall claims that he made, including those that he was approached by some weighty journalists to run the story, that he was approached by at least 10 political parties for help etc. The key question is what took four and half years to reveal such combustible information, the claim of which would also undermine the processes and ability of different agencies in India.

It remains to be seen whether these claims could be corroborated and proved non-paradoxical, than impulsively reacted to.




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