Daily Dose by Bikram Vohra

A South Korean environmentalist participates in a rally against South Korea's nuclear plants in Seoul, South Korea, Aug. 6, 2014. (Xinhua/Park Jin-hee)(zhf)

If you don’t like your job, leave it. Don’t take it out on the customer. Especially if you’re working in the service industry. There is nothing that puts one off more than a surly, sulky grumpy attendant in a Mall shop or a behind a counter or an attendant who has a button that says ‘May I help you’ and is decidedly unhelpful.
I am watching this very pregnant lady walk into a baby shop and the attendant is reading a book and the lady says, can you show me where the Moses baskets are and this attendant she half looks up and points to a corner of the shop. Say what!!!!! The lady is pregnant, get up and help her.
You are there to spend money and shopping should be a pleasure. But nothing quite puts you off then a rude or disinterested staffer in a shop.
You often get so miffed you don’t buy what you planned to, just to get out of that place.
Restaurants can be just as annoying. I don’t care if you have a constellation of stars, if one ill-mannered steward is at your table or is giving you crappy service the whole experience goes sour on you.
Okay, I know it is boring job and some customers can be unreasonable but no one put a gun to your head. Resign. Go grow potatoes or paint sceneries but don’t foist your bad mood on us.
What amazes me is that owners of these shops do not notice the pattern. Why would you detract from your sales by keeping unpleasant sales staff? At least warn them if they give attitude.
Then you have the ‘go there,’ ‘I don’t know,’ ‘Wrong counter,’ ‘Come tomorrow’ lot who are given these positions behind the counter and act as if they are doing you a huge favour.
The worst are those who make you feel grubby and small. They have that sneer on their faces, like you cannot afford this. If not that, they will follow you around like you were going to steal their stuff.
The only ones that beat them for spoiling the mood are the ones who say, “Not available’ and ‘out of stock’ without even checking.
Just too last to do their job.



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