c47584aa01a0e6ad0fd9b398dfc01947Two Palestinians were killed and one was moderately injured Sunday as the Israeli fighter jets launched air raids targeting central Gaza Strip, authorities said.

The two Palestinians were killed right on spot in the strike in the central Gaza Strip refugee camp of al-Maghazi, Xinhua quoted a Palestinian health ministry spokesperson as saying. The two are believed to be militants who were attempting to fire rockets into Israel.

Earlier in the day, Israeli drones carried out two raids in Gaza targeting Palestinian militants who were trying to launch rocket attacks against Israel.

Tensions have been running high after Israel accused Hamas of kidnapping and killing three Israeli teenagers who went missing June 12 in the West Bank. The three teens were found dead near Hebron.

According to the Israeli army, more than 100 projectiles have been fired from Gaza since the eruption of the recent round of violence. So far, three Palestinians have been killed while 25 others have been wounded.



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