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Girish Chandra Murmu, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

When the novel coronavirus outbreak has brought the governments of most developed countries to their knees, small regions or countries have done brilliant work to contain the outbreak. Vietnam, Thailand, Tanzania, Malaysia are some of the examples.  In India, the states of Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir region have stood out for effectively controlling Covid-19 spread and thus bringing daily life to its normal days.

Jammu & Kashmir also has become an example for effective curbing of deadly viral disease, offering a roadmap to recovery to the world. Jammu & Kashmir’s Srinagar was included among the tiny list of 16 districts in India, which were asked to share best practices about controlling coronavirus spread with 700 districts in the country. Jammu & Kashmir that is subjected to highly maligned campaign by neighbouring Pakistan and China has seen well-oiled coordination between the local governments and people during the fight against Covid-19. Now the region known for its world-famous scenic splendour, snow-capped mountains, exquisite monuments, and local handicrafts is getting back to its glorious days and to welcome tourists.

Many states in India as well as other regions in the world were caught off guard when coronavirus started spreading fast. However, the Jammu & Kashmir administration was ready with all its preparedness to take on novel coronavirus. India enforced nationwide lockdown from the last week of March. But the Jammu and Kashmir had begun operations in the first week of March itself. It had set up 24-hour control room that played crucial role in tracing Covid-19 positive patients and as well as those who came in contact with, and confining them. Four different apps were used for quarantine management, symptom tracking, geo-fencing tracking

And home-to-home surveillance tracking. And most important, the humanitarian services the local administration and Indian Army extended to people who were stranded and immobilised during the lockdown gave much-needed fillip. Number of helplines were launched to help people with getting essential services with the minimum footprint possible. Government staff reached out to people in need of food, medicine, grocery and other important stuff that was needed for day-to day life. The cases related to patients undergoing life threatening disease such as cancer, pregnant women, old age problems were attended with urgent and top-priority basis.

Local celebrities and Indian Army also joined the government in spreading awareness and distributing ration, sanitisers, mask, handwash among others in remote areas. It has had cumulative effect. People supported the government and followed its instruction carefully. The growth of Covid-19 in Jammu & Kashmir has been very slow and even remained sluggish in April, May and June. There was exception in the beginning of June when the number of new cases has spiked. However, the government managed to bring it low in no time.

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