DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

So we are in the holding area and the boarding for the flight is announced and the disembodied voice says rows 15 to 30 please board first, the rest please await the next announcement.Naturally, this is ignored.
Travel WoesWhat part of that do passengers fail to understand? It is 15 to 30, you idiot, so that people in the back rows can settle in and move upwards so there is no carnage and confusion and the aisles are not choked, is that so tough to figure out. . No, our guys must push and shove, rows number 8, 11, 13 and a 14, the last feels he is justified in trying to sneak in. After all, it is only one short. He looks aggrieved. He now proceeds to inch towards the gate, stalking the ones for whom boarding has been announced.
That plane is not going anywhere without you, sunshine, what’s the pushing for?
I see it every time. What part of it…oh, I already said that, not that it matters.
And then the 15 to 30s don’t hear their call so they don’t get up and we gallop into the chaos the airline was trying to avoid.
Look at it this way, you twit, if you are in Row 3 you’ll get off at the other end before Row 28.
But no, they have to mess it up and they actually argue. And when they get pushed aside they stand and clot the door to the jet-way with their non-section passes, shoving them for ‘approval’ from the harassed official.
What is their problem?
I turn to this man who is shoving his way through and he is in Row 11 and I say, it is not your turn and he gives me a filthy look and still keeps pushing. At the door, waving his pass like a beacon, madam, me, no t you, you silly man, sit down, I go, no you don’t go, sit down, my turn next….
And believe me, two hours ago when the flight landed the same man rushes to be the first off the plane, utterly in disregard to plain courtesy.
Going somewhere, I said.
He gave me a second filthy look and leapt of the plane with elfin grace.
Bruising shins in that process.



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