I do worry about dengue and the fact that nothing looks cleaner in Delhi….writes Bikram Vohra

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi

But I really don’t care where Rahul Gandhi is and I don’t see his current trip to the US as a desertion of things Indian. In the great cosmic sense it is not even a blip on my ‘concern’ radar and I am hard placed to understand why the BJP is in a test over it.

I would like to know where Somnath Bharathi is hiding and how come the cops cannot locate him but i really don’t give a toss if Rahul Gandhi is in Aspen or in Arizona or the Andes and how he went.

I know the Indian PM took a plane all for himself and by protocol there is one other jet on standby and a third on location so that is three planes out of service but since we now know our PM is on a visit visa to India I was thinking perhaps we could just take the redundant Sushma Swaraj and give her another job because Mr Modi has hijacked hers.

But back to Rahul Gandhi. It is more relevant to express dismay about the rising prices of dals and other essential commodities than fret about how he went, where he is and what is this secret cabal in Colorado where he will display his incandescent brilliance.

I just hope it is a cover up for a date and he is shacking up somewhere because at least that means he is normal. I’d worry more if he wasn’t.

That’s a healthier explanation than not being able to tell anyone the name of the seminar or the theme.

And really, the BJP should get over this Rahul Gandhi hang up. The guy is coming back is a political livewire through the backdoor because everything he does is made into a major issue.

The media cannot have enough of the guy and even if it is negative publicity it is publicity and it sticks.

Look a the hooha over this trip and the Congress making a dog’s breakfast of explaining where he is the point being it does not affect you and I, so let it go.

As for the government wanting to know where he is the guy is got Z security right… you gave it to him… don’t you know?



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