Is the BJP match fixing the survival of the Congress by being arrogant or simply shortsighted….writes Bikram Vohra

Modi and Jaitley meet  Manmohan Singh and the Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, in New Delhi
Modi and Jaitley meet Manmohan Singh and the Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, in New Delhi

Hasn’t it struck anyone that the Gandhis are thoroughly enjoying themselves. If they pay for so much media time it would be in the millions and they are getting it for free.

By denying that they want no fuss and bother they have assured just that. What is the simplest of appearances in a court is now a major issue worthy of The Hague or a high profile war criminal trial. What is wrong with us that it is of such importance we keep feeding the monster?

Eighteen months down the line, they are a puny 9 per cent in the Lok Sabha and holding everyone to ransom.

Just a clutch of days ago everyone with an opinion and a platform to air it told us that the Congress was dead, like those 44 seats were a national expulsion… on your bike and out of here, you are toast.

Some toast. The media is galloping about like this was the second coming.

And if the Congress hasn’t got enough octane out of the publicity from a case that is now beginning to lose its novelty it is simply breathtaking that Subramanian Swamy is given a top level house in Bangaluru and is upgraded to Z security status on the same day as the hearing.

On the same day.

Which genius in the BJP thought this was good timing when the lyrics of the political vendetta are on every Congress lip.

Talk about giving ammunition to the enemy. Why not just shoot yourself in the foot?

You almost get the ridiculous but valid feeling that the BJP is ‘match fixing’ the survival of the Congress. How else can you explain such a badly timed reward to Swamy and the handing over of a weapon to the Congress… either arrogance or stupidity.

You might as well confess to the element of the engineering in the whole circus. You even have journalists taking sides with political parties like they had, in Faustian fashion, sold their souls to the company store.

As this legal first day fizzles out by evening we will still stoke the fire and give the Congress the most undeserved boost through negativity…as has been said, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

And as all hype stuns us somewhere someplace some juvenile with hormones running wild is looking for a target. 


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