DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

This is a slightly sensitive subject. But we will truly become civilized when we get over the social hang up of keeping silent over two conditions. Bad breath and body odour. I have never understood why we have to tolerate it or not mention it. The other party is not aware of the torture they are inflicting on others. Angry fireWhy is it bad manners to bring it up and why is everyone so offended. Imagine a 14 hour flight next to someone who smells of dead fish or could shrivel up the trees with one gust. Would it not be just common sense to say, here, take my mouth freshener but please go and do what has to be done.
For misplaced courtesy our approach to these two conditions is ridiculous. Why have we given the universal silence on it so much importance.
Nooooo, it doesn’t look nice. Nice? Nice? Try sitting next to him at the conference table. In the car, cheek by jowl, holding your breath so you don’t get his blast. A room mate who stinks.
You know what is offensive. Not maturing enough as a race to talk about it upfront. If everyone was enabled to speak about the discomfort they were being caused life would be so much happier. Do it in stages. Wife and husband. Parents and kids. Friends. Relatives. Then acquaintances, finally strangers.
There is one person I stopped meeting because he could kill a flower with one blow. It would just wilt.
Saw him after several weeks the other day. The flowers began to wilt on their own. No difference.