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ChaiDay To Support Charity


The Asian Circle, founded by Santosh Bhanot is an offshoot of The Circle. This UK registered charity helps in liberating women of various social stigmas and social evils attached to them….reports Asian Lite News


The Asian Circle especially focusses on the women of the North East Indian states. This charity works closely with the Oxfam and challenges sexual abuse and domestic violence against the tribal women of North East India.

Annie Lennox, who is the founder of the parent organisation, The Circle, recently launched the #AsianCircleChaiDay. This event was a fund- raiser event in order to raise funds to proceed with their projects towards the welfare of women in society. The Asian Circle had previously worked with various women centric issues like maternity healthcare and maternal rights, educating the women in Myanmar regarding elections and their rights and domestic violence against women in India. The Asian Circle has worked in harmony with the other offshoots of The Circle and its work has ranged from the Middle East and Africa to Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India.

Mandeep Nandra has been closely associated with The Asian Circle and plays a big part in organising the #AsianCircleChaiDay. From delicious Asian street foods like spring rolls and samosas to the mandatory ‘Chai’ or tea everything was perfectly arranged. The event saw the presence of many who wanted to share their cause and help them in their endeavours. Representatives of the Oxfam and members of other Circles took part in this successful event.

The group has taken extensively to the Social Media in order to make people aware of their concerns and contributions towards the society and women in particular. They have taken to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook apart from their official website. The organisation only hopes to make the event better and  bigger in the upcoming years.