a62dd50a14da8e78137d9b16576f3dd0Everyone has body hang-ups, some likes to flaunt it while others like to cover it up with clothes to look good and confident. From maxi to wrap dresses, one can try out different cuts, patterns and sizes to hide body flaws.

Whether its your legs, arms or belly, don’t hide your figure but find that perfect dress to boost your confidence, reports

* Legs: Surprisingly a maxi dress can be very flattering as it disguises the legs and can lengthen them. Sneak a pair of high heels underneath to give yourself the extra height.

* Arms: Three-quarter length sleeves will flatter your figure more than long or short ones. They have the effect of making the body, as well as the arms, appear slimmer. Why? Because they stop at the slimmest part of the arm.

* Tummy: Wear wrap dresses or those with ruched detail. It will focus the attention to the centre of your body and create a more defined waist line.



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