Abhishek Hates To Wake Up Early

Abhishek Bachchan

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan hates to wake up early, and the actor gave a hint of the fact to fans on social media.

The actor made his confession while reacting to a study that says: “Starting school at 10 AM instead of 8:30 AM halves student illness and improves academic performance”.

Reacting to the tweet, Abhishek wrote: “Why didn’t they realise this when I was in school??”

Commenting on Abhishek’s tweet, netizens turned nostalgic and started to share their early morning experiences from the school days.

“My school would start at 7.15 in the morning and finish by 12.45.. Then my mom had the entire day to send me to all sorts of classes and tuitions like drawing, dancing, karate falana dhimkana. Right right I can’t do any of that…. why didn’t this rule come then,” commented a user.

“In the 70s, our school started at 7.30 AM during winters, At the bus stand at 5.45 AM in blazer & shorts to catch the school bus! Between 8 AM to 9 AM many of the class were in the queue at the washroom, because the bowels took time to adjust to the winter timings,” recalled another user.

“My school started at 7:30 with an extra class starting at 6:30. That too in winters.. Lets not forget , I did my schooling from northern most state of india,” wrote another user.

Abhishek Bachchan is currently in Kolkata shooting for his upcoming film “Bob Biswas”.

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