Iran tightens grip on Hijab rules

A hardline Iranian MP has issued an ultimatum to the judiciary to come up with measures to put a stop to women flouting the rules on headscarves within the next 48 hours Authorities in Iran have been making clear their determination to enforce compulsory hijab on women, according to a media report. This comes after months of protests demanding an end to the restriction, BBC reported. A hardline Iranian MP...

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Flower Power For The Win: The Interflora Story

Exclusive feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International The world of Interflora with an unfeigned passion for flowers and a rich, 99-year-long legacy in luxury flower gifting, they are the World’s largest and most experienced award-winning floral gifting and decor brand. With time,...

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Could you be a Stroke Saver?

Would you know how to spot the signs and what to do, if someone you’re with is experiencing a stroke? A stroke is a medical emergency and every minute is vital. If you know what to look for, it could save someone’s life. There are...

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