India must step up game to support Nepal

Confronting a major health crisis, Nepal has issued a worldwide appeal, including the United States and the United Kingdom — countries with whom India is in touch to define a global response to the ever-evolving pandemic, reports Rahul Kumar Developed countries, in partnership with India, need to step up their game to support Nepal, which is staring at significant shortages of Covid-19 vaccines. Having vaccinated a substantial number of their...

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Creative ways to keep away depression

Gardening is an awesome diversion from our increasingly technologically driven lives. Spending time gardening and enjoying...

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Spice Up the Season with Rajah Masala Blends

Rajah Masala Blends range consists of 8 versatile blends including Rajah Fish Masala, Rajah Chana Masala, Rajah Chicken Masala, Rajah Sambar Masala, Rajah Chaat Masala, Rajah Achari Gosht Masala, Rajah Pav Bhaji Masala and the traditional Rajah Biryani Masala Looking for a bit of extra...

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Study: Fear of COVID link to Captious Traits

People more concerned about catching Covid-19 were more disapproving of the wrong-doings of others, whatever they were doing wrong, according to a study on how we make moral judgements. The findings are evidence that our morality is shaped by various emotions and intuitions, of which...

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