Freedom Through Dance

Jim Sarbh, Bani J do the ‘Freedom Dance’.

The actors have come together for the video by music producer Priya Hebbar, who goes by the name Faynyx as an artiste.

“Freedom is an entirely personal concept that each individual can experience only through the lens they have and the circumstances they are in,” Jim said, adding: “I really enjoyed discussing freedom and what it means to me with the composer and the director and the rest of the team.”

Talking about his definition of freedom and his thoughts about the lockdown, Jim said: “My conception of freedom is not shaken by any one external event, but (it is) more the sum effects of every single external event, and internal biological function.”

“But people probably felt listless and irritable (during lockdown) because their usual responsibilities were taken away. They don’t realise how these responsibilities are the actual ways they find meaning in life. I just tried to give myself new responsibilities. I loved the lockdown,” he added.

On “Freedom Dance”, Bani said: “My interpretation of freedom is to be in a space where judgement, second guessing, resentment — none of that exists, where none of that has any sort of hold over my present moment.

“The global forced lockdown has been a lot of things for people — in terms of their perceptions with freedom. For someone who loves to travel, I discovered so much creativity in my own self, and the spaces available to me,” she added.

Faynyx feels “these unprecedented times have proven that freedom is a state of mind”.

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