Pepsico looses ‘Mountain Dew’ trademark suit in India


Hyderabad based Magfast Beverages has won the battle against beverages MNC, Pepsico for the use of trademark, Mountain Dew.

Magfast Beverages Chairman Syed Ghaziuddin said that they started selling packaged drinking water named ‘Mountain Dew in the year 2000.

“In 2000, I started a company to sell water to the people of Hyderabad as well as India. And that is when I started my idea into work as ‘Mountain Dew’ for my packed drinking water. Due to the quality of the product, this brand name has reached national recognition,” he said.

Ghaziuddin added that in 2003, Pepsico launched a soft drink under the same name and now, the court has dismissed their claims on the trademark.

According to him, its after a 15 year legal battle, Hyderabad court has dismissed the suit filed by Pepsico and rejected the claim on the trans border reputation and infringement claim.

“Though we won the case in December only, I waited till now for the court order. And now regarding compensation, in 2004 the PepsiCo has filed an undertaking by stating that if the case filed is lost by the PepsiCo company, then the company is ready to pay the required compensation to Mag Fast Beverages,” the Hindustan Times quoted Ghaziuddin as saying.

This win is to all the Indian companies who believe in the Make in India campaign by Modi Government, said Syed Ghaziuddin.

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