Portrait of an artist as a doctor


Kerala-born ophthalmologist Doctor Jayasree Menon is now a popular artist in England.  Her painting titled “Memories” has occupied among the popular works of 19 painters exhibited at a popular website. The website gives its visitors an opportunity to vote for their favourite painting among these. She has won immense popularity as an artist in Britain.

Dr Jayasree has launched a website to showcase her works and raise funds for charity. (https://jayartgallery.com/). In addition to being a doctor and painter, she also invests her time in social service. As a social worker, she gives off 50% of the amount she receives from selling her paintings to charity. She is a member of an organisation of provincial artists. Even though she has been part of a bunch of exhibitions, this is the first time she is taking part in a virtual painting competition. Audiences of the website can vote for their favourite paintings till November 28. The winner of the competition will be declared on 14 December 2020. (https://huunuu.com/art-and-death/)

She acquired the skill of painting by herself. She was forced to keep aside, her favourite hobby of painting for a few years because of her busy schedule as a doctor. Now she is trying to find more time to invest in her much-loved hobby.  Acrylic is her preferred medium. At first, she concentrated more on portraits. Now her area of interest has shifted to contemporary and abstract works. She is keen to explore and experiment with new styles which is evident from her latest works.

Dr Jayasree, who arrived Britain four years ago, now lives in Greater Manchester with her family and practices as an ophthalmologist. She is married to Dr Sujith Menon, an orthopaedic surgeon. The couple has two daughters.

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