Reflect Personal Style With Apt Furniture


One of the most defining aspects of any home is the kind of furniture that is placed within it, each serving a specific purpose.

We have different furniture for different rooms, some essential and some for aesthetic appeal. However, if you think owning modern furniture is only reserved for spacious homes, think again! You can explore lots of different ways to use furniture to optimally utilise space within your home without any hassle. Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture shares how that can be accomplished.

Smart use of available space: First of all, chalk out a plan to see where and how you can arrange your furniture to create enough space within your home. See if there are any under-utilised corners or edges which you can use to place furniture, instead of having to keep everything in one place.

Stacking: Next, explore stacking options. These days, one can easily find countless innovative ways to stack panels on walls in order to create more space. This option also allows you to be creative and stack according to your preference. You can either stack vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, whichever style highlights your unique taste.

The changing trends in design, architecture.

Multipurpose furniture: Ergonomically designed furniture has been around for some time, and can be used for a host of different purposes. The best example of this is the Sofa-cum bed’ a classic space saving multipurpose furniture that can serve as a sitting space and also turn into a bed when required.

Moveable: It can often seem boring to see the same placement and setting of furniture day in and day out. With moveable furniture though, you can experiment with different settings until you find the one that suits your preference and reflects your personal decor style. Furniture with wheels or silicone stoppers is often easy to shift from one place to another.

Foldable/expandable furniture:  Last but not the least, you can always invest in foldable or expandable furniture that is not only space-saving but also allow you the freedom to improvise. For example, foldable desks with flexible stands can be pulled out to create a portable work station and folded back when you are done.

Innovative space saving ideas using furniture. (Photo: Unsplash)

Go ahead, make the most of your home’s available space with this creative and innovative furniture and furniture placement ideas for space-saving that can allow you to lead a clutter-free life!

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