Adah Needs Important Role In Plot

Actress Adah Sharma, who is set to make her debut in the web space with a series titled “The Holiday”, has got her hair coloured in three layers — purple, pink and orange.

Actress Adah Sharma wants her characters to be of importance in a script, even if she plays a demure girl running around the trees.

“I would love to be running around trees and I love to play the demure girl, which I have played in a few of my south films. My point was even if I am a demure girl or running around trees, I want that to be important in the script,” Adah told IANS.

Hyderabad: Aactress Adah Sharma. (File Photo: IANS)

“Whatever I am doing I want that to be important to the script. So, for me picking a role is not (about) sweet girl or bad girl,” she explained.

What does she for while taking up a script? “I want it (the character) to be important to the plot. If you take away the character from the story, will the story still work? Sometimes I do movies where, yes, if you remove the character the story would still work. but take the effort to make my character a memorable one,” she said.

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