B-town ladies on action

Sonnalli plays a trained assassin in “Anamika” and she trained in action for the series… Anjuri Nayar Singh.

From jumping off the fifth floor to doing action sequences in high heels, actresses on OTT are coming of age as action queens.

Sunny Leone, who makes her debut in the fiction OTT space with the show “Anamika”, is training for heavy-duty stunts in the series, along with Sonnalli Seygall. Sonakshi Sinha gets to engage in cop action in her web series debut “Fallen”. Poulomi Das recently jumped off the fifth floor of a building for a stunt and Priya Banerjee filmed an action scene where she was required to fall from a height in the show “Bekaboo 2”. Ruhi Singh has performed action sequences in the show “Bang Baang”.

Talking about shooting for “Bekaaboo 2”, Priya said: “It was quite fun, although it was my first time. I had to put a harness on and had to fall from a height. It was difficult as you have to know how to balance your body the right way or else you can hurt yourself. It wasn’t easy at all,” she says.

Says Ruhi: “Doing the stunts on my own was indeed a thrilling experience for me. The fun part of my role was doing stunts wearing heels that made me feel empowered, and I am grateful that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the series.”

Sonnalli plays a trained assassin in “Anamika” and she trained in action for the series.

“I play Rhea, a trained assassin who has a killer instinct. She is sharp and intelligent. There are a lot of running, fight and shooting sequences in the series. So, I went through gun training. I had basic fitness training,” she told earlier.

Here are some of the shows featuring actress doing action sequences on OTT:

Sunny Leone and Sonalli Seygall in “Anamika”

The series will see Sonalli play an assassin. The actress underwent special training for the action sequences in the film. Sunny has been shooting for action sequences, too, for the show that marks her debut in the fiction OTT space.

Sonakshi Sinha in “Fallen”

Sonakshi will be seen playing the role of a fierce cop in Reema Kagti’s series. She put out her first look on social media earlier this month where she strikes an intense pose in uniform and stands on a rail track.

Poulomi Das and Priya Banerjee in “Bakaaboo 2”

Both Poulomi and Priya have been performing stunts in the series. While Poulomi jumped from the fifth floor of a building, Priya also posted a video of her falling from a height in a harness.

Ruhi Singh in “Bang Baang”

Ruhi plays the role of an undercover agent. She has trained in kickboxing and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Jennifer Winget in “Code M”

The series was Jennifer’s debut on OTT and she performed action sequences and stunts on the show. She played the role of the Indian Army lawyer named Monica Mehra.

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