Mithila’s First Love Is Theatre


Popular cinema and OTT actor Mithila Palkar, best known for Netflix’s ‘Little Things’ and 2018 movie ‘Karwaan’, says that theatre will always be her first love. Mithila had her beginnings with Marathi theatre, and feels close to it still.

“Theatre will always be my first love. Marathi theatre is something that I knew in my heart that I wanted to start with. Specifically Marathi because it is the language that I am most comfortable speaking in, and stage because that’s where I had the epiphany that I wanted to be an actor. Every time I am on stage, even today, I think every other joy is just unparalleled. This feeling is something inexplicable for me and theatre will always be very close to my heart. I guess that feeling of belonging keeps me close to theatre,” Mithila told IANSlife in an interview.

Her last play, ‘Dekh Behen’, was produced by Akvarious Productions, directed by Shikha Talsania and Prerna Chawla and written by Tahira Nath and Dilshad Edibam Khurana. The actor is elated that the shows of the play are still running. “The shows of this play are ongoing and the minute theatres open up, I am pretty sure we all will be rushing back to theatre to perform on it. So, I am still in touch with theatre very much, so thanks to ‘Dekh Behen’.”

How different is acting on the stage? Does it refine her as an actor?

“It definitely is very different. I always said that as an actor, acting on stage and acting on camera are two different things. What you emote as a theatre actor, it is very loud and out there and it demands a direct reflection from the audience whereas acting in front of a camera it’s very to yourself and contained. It is way more challenging to be on stage because it is not the same to be acting on camera and it does not necessarily make you a better actor on camera if you are a better actor on stage and vice versa.

“This is because they are both different techniques and both these techniques need to be mastered on their own. So, yes definitely theatre does refine you as an actor and as I have always said — theatre is a very raw medium of entertainment,” she said.

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