Pankaj adopts relatable acting style


Just like the roles he handles on screen, Pankaj is very serious on his acting style too. Actor Pankaj Tripathi says irrespective of the character he portrays on screen, he ensures that he adopts an acting style that people can relate to.

“I make sure that I adopt an acting style that is realistic and relatable. Be it comedy or any other character that I play, I ensure they are projected as human as possible on-screen,” Pankaj said.

He added: “To be able to relate with three different generations of a family is something I never thought I would do one day, and I’m so delighted that I have something to offer to each generation through some of my projects that everybody could enjoy.”

Pankaj has several releases this year including “Mimi”,”83″ and “Mumbai Saga” among many others.

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