‘Yoga, a combination of body and mind’


It was very important for me to keep my mind calm with stress at bay. I kept telling myself “This too shall pass” and affirming to myself that I need to be strong…Malaika speaks with Puja Gupta.

“I believe fitness goals should not only focus on outward appearances. Health begins from inside,” believes Malaika Arora. She reiterates, “strong is the new healthy.”

Malaika says yoga helped her sail through her COVID-19 isolation period which drained her both physically and mentally.


In a conversation with us, the actor, who is also the co-founder of SARVA and Diva Yoga that has announced one-year free yoga and mindfulness programme across the globe, shares her fitness regime and how she yoga is a big part of it. She also advises her fans on how to achieve their fitness goals.


Is yoga part of your daily fitness regime?

Yes! Very much. I am a strong believer in the power of yoga and yes I practice everyday. I try to practice for roughly an hour a day and on rare occasions when I have a really busy schedule, I try and squeeze in 20 minutes here and there.

How did yoga help you through COVID isolation period?

The COVID isolation is not just physically draining but it is also mentally straining. When you’re cooped up in a room, feeling unwell, it can really take a toll on your body. Thankfully my symptoms were not very severe, so medication, rest and a good nutritious diet helped me recover. But most importantly, during COVID I think meditation really helped me. It was very important for me to keep my mind calm with stress at bay. I kept telling myself “This too shall pass” and affirming to myself that I need to be strong.

How do you think yoga helps the body and mind?

Amazing question, I love that you’re clubbing both in one question and that’s the beauty of it.

Yoga is a combination of the body and the mind. It helps with a host of benefits like body toning, weight loss, Immunity boosting, and relief from pain. With the mind, it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Not just that, it also helps with regulating hormones, keeping disorders at bay.

How do you stick to your diet and fitness regime while traveling?

It’s tough! I have learned to discipline my body, and control my cravings as much as possible. My journey to discipline has taught me to plan effectively and make sure I carry enough nutritious meals when I am on the road. I plan my days in such a way that I can simply have some sort of activity before I start work on that day.


What are your travel plans for 2021?

Haha! I am around! I love traveling but I’ve just returned to work. I love being back and I think my travel plans are only for work as of now.

Women need to realise that being fit is more important than being thin?

Strong is the new healthy! I believe fitness goals should not be just focused outwards. Health begins from inside. It’s alright to want to be lean, but strength (mental and physical) is something that cannot be substituted by anything else.

What are your upcoming projects?

A lot of amazing things lined up. And I am really glad that I am back to work. You’ll see shortly!

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