RoundGlass buys Gympik Health Solutions

‘Wholistic’ wellbeing company RoundGlass has acquired Gympik Health Solutions.

The two-pronged acquisition brings includes the acquisition of both the platforms of Gympik Health Solutions —, an online marketplace for discovering fitness centres and gyms, and Traqade, a SaaS-based gym and club management software.

A statement said: “Fitness seekers will be able to accelerate their journey towards wholistic wellbeing with this unified, curated platform that offers coaching services for nutrition and fitness, meditation, and much more.”

The integration will combine Gympik’s extensive network of fitness centres across India with RoundGlass’ ecosystem of “wholistic wellbeing” solutions, which includes physical and mental healthcare apart from social, community, and planetary wellbeing offerings.

RoundGlass’ Head of People & Culture for India, Shiraj Chakraborty said: “The team at Gympik has done great work in driving the digital transformation of India’s fitness and wellbeing space. We are delighted to work with them towards a common goal.”

Gympik founder and CEO Amaresh Ojha said: “The acquisition by RoundGlass, which has built a strong presence in the ‘wholistic wellbeing’ space, will enable us to cater to this demand by combining our capabilities to better serve the Indian wellbeing seeker.”

Lastmonth, fitness entrepreneur and Gympik founder Amaresh Ojha’s recently-launched debut book, ‘Fitness Habits — Breaking The Barriers To Fitness’ breaks down the nuances of everyday health and is a nudge towards developing lasting fitness habits.

Co-authored by Subhra Moitra, this operating guide to fitness is published by Srishti Publications. In Ojha’s words, ”there is a fundamental drawback in the way people approach fitness and look down upon the nuances of forming fitness as a habit.” With the pandemic changing lives in an unprecedented way, Ojha’s new book spells why proactively investing time for health is important. It serves as a guide on how to maintain an equilibrium with existing habits, while creating new fitness routines, and how to understand and reshape your behavioural pattern.

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