Recalling the ‘sweet’ memories


Started in 2016, Zoet is the brainchild of Sana and Geeta Bector. Zoet meaning ‘sweet’ in Dutch, aims to bake and create dessert that is sweet and complex in flavour yet simple and delicious.

The inspiration for Zoet came out of Sana’s grandmother’s kitchen who started Cremica when she decided to make and sell ice cream out of her home. Very quickly, Cremica managed to grow from a home bakery to a full-fledged store and then the food conglomerate followed. But one thing her grandmother always kept going was that home bakery.

Growing up around incredible desserts, Sana missed those flavours from her grandmother’s kitchen when she moved to Delhi – and so, Zoet was born! Each dessert either evokes a memory or is so good that it leads to creating a new one which is tied up in a childhood memory in a manner that people would like to eat it today. We spoke to Sana Bector to get more details.

Tell us a little about your labour of love Zoet and how it all came about?

I grew up with a bakery in my home, I suppose that’s a dream childhood. We always had dessert on the table. Puddings as we used to call them back in the day, were my favourite. Layers of luscious custard, cake, fruit and sometimes chocolate — who wouldn’t love that. When I moved to Delhi 10 years ago I really missed those desserts and I really couldn’t find anything like them. So I roped my mom in and decided to start Zoet. We wanted to get more people the experience the dessert we were so fortunate to know and love. Added bonus, I now always have dessert on the table!

It’s the season of love and nothing hits the spot quite like dessert?

Let’s try this. Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream straight from the tub on a difficult day. A vibrant strawberry tiramisu, made with fresh strawberries and a delightful mascarpone custard in the park on a sunny winter day. Warm up a buttery apple pie and serve it up with some cool custard, in pjs with Netflix on. Are you drooling yet?

Flowers, no matter how pretty, just can’t do that.

The pandemic has put a focus on healthy eating… how do you incorporate and prioritize healthy and sustainable ingredients?

Our focus is on fresh ingredients, sourced locally and from our own farms. We believe that dessert should be something you can enjoy every day and feel great after. That’s why our offerings are balanced and not too sweet.

The F&B business has seen a number of new entrants and old players go online… why did you go offline with a dessert store in the Capital?

We started out as a delivery business with a few shop in shop retail counters so you can order Zoet online. However nothing compares to interacting with people in person. I suppose in a way, the past year made us all realise that. My grandmother started her business by connecting with people and we’ve just come full circle.

Your favourite from Zoet and the recipe please

My Favourite from Zoet has got to be our Coffee Tiramisu.

Ours is complex but in a pinch I make this bailey’s tiramisu that’s made with basic pantry ingredients without compromising too much on flavour.

Zoet’s first flagship outlet is now open at Defence Colony Market

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