Shades Of Happiness in Fashion week

The inspiration for the collection is the ‘Valley of Flowers’ in Uttarakhand and I’m really just talking about ’50 Shades Of Happiness’…Suneet Varma speaks with Puja Gupta.

There wasn’t a single person who remained unaffected by the pandemic, and fashion designer Suneet Varma feels that here has been an impact on creativity because of it.

“I actually have felt more creative,” the designer tells as he launched his collection ’50 Shades Of Happiness’ at the ongoing phygital FDCI x LFW event.

Talking about how the industry will fare in the future and his own personal take on the global crisis, Varma speaks to in depth.


Q:Did the pandemic bring about any change in your design philosophy?

A:Yes certainly, there has been an impact on creativity because of the pandemic. Most people have come out of the pandemic a little bit changed — some for the better, some for the worse, some have had to deal with their own personal issues, some have had to deal with financial issues.

I actually have felt more creative. I also feel that fast fashion is not something that we necessarily have to adapt to or embrace. I think something more classic, something more beautiful, something that’s forever, something that’s timeless is more my focus for creativity right now.

Q:How do you see the future of the fashion industry taking shape in a post-Covid period?

A:Most certainly, the pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill, not just the fashion industry. And the fashion industry like any other industry has had to brace itself and get on with it. I think it’s really important. And life is for the living, so we all have to live it and live it up as well. A pandemic is something that comes along every 100 years and it takes a good 5-10 years to overcome it completely. But it’s nice to stay on the positive side. I personally feel the pandemic has been good in some ways for the world — it made the world stop and think and take stock of their own life.

I’ve actually worked more diligently, harder, and in some ways with more satisfaction through the pandemic. We have done fashion week last season, we are doing fashion week this season, we have done couture week — we have never done these many shows and collections ever through a year — so I feel you can sit back and wait for the tide to turn or you just literally have to swim to the shore yourself.

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Q:What has been your greatest achievement?

A:I don’t look at my life as having achieved anything great — there are far more important emotions I believe in — such as happiness, satisfaction, love for life and my passion for my work. Even after 30 years of doing the same thing, I still believe my greatest work is in my future collections!

Q:Tell us about the inspiration behind this collection.

A:The inspiration for the collection is the ‘Valley of Flowers’ in Uttarakhand and I’m really just talking about ’50 Shades Of Happiness’. I think coming out of the pandemic it becomes really imperative and important that we find joy in almost anything… so I call it ’50 Shades Of Happiness’ — look for happiness in smaller things and whatever will make your day more joyful.

The collection really symbolises the importance of staying mentally fit and alert and being able to deal with calamities and coming out of it feeling joy — it can be through colour, art, music — it can be anything that gives you a certain satisfaction and happiness. The collection offers a lot of colour — which is very unusual for my work. It offers a lot of beautiful light silhouettes and very happy tonal embroideries.

Q:Who do you see wearing your collection?

A:I see all my clientele all over the world wearing the collection since it symbolises Happiness — the one emotion we all need most after a very difficult year post the pandemic. The collection is joyful and exuberant and will add that extra spark to bridal dressing.

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