Speak art, stir your imagination

The campaign will made available for public viewing until March 31 and has been in works for over six months.

Art becomes meaningful when it is being viewed and enjoyed by the people. The space that artistic portrayals provides, have no limitations at all.

The entire space is enriched by some of the most intricate lights created by Arjun Rathi hanging above the art gallery. The view looking up from Palladium Atrium towards Rathi’s lights is as phenomenal. While on the third floor, Baaya Design has placed some of their bespoke copper enamel plates on display on the wall opposite Social followed by a setup of sculpture artist Mahesh Anjalekar’s works.

Kanhai Gandhi’s ‘Drop’ installation in the Atrium opposite Gucci is a mesmerising spectacle. Created using large stacksof glass on a glossy metal base, the installation serves as a constant reminder of preservation of water in ongoing times.

The ART of Veneer campaign was introduced by VENZO Wood to stir things within the veneer domain, push the industry to its fullest potential and reveal what can be achieved with the use of veneer as a material. Each artwork is a culmination of varied veneer pieces stacked and inlayed like a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle. The art in-itself is a manifestation of the designers’ unique thoughts expressed through an unconventional medium.

Saniya Kantawala decided to pay homage to the heritage, art and design of South Mumbai by creating a map of Kala Ghoda while Manish Dikshit’s ‘Positively’ had everyone searching for the one single heart he managed to sneak in amidst the dots. Akash and Poonam Mehta’s colourful set of windows ‘Virya’ is inspired by the famous Paris-based Indian artist Raza. Kanhai Gandhi’s ‘Drop’ is part of a larger initiative – a constant reminder of saving the most precious resource on this planet.

The mono-toned ‘Coded Illusions’ by Anand Menon comes from a universe of its own while Kumpal Vaid’s ‘Love in the times of war’ is inspired by a celebrated photograph from the time of World War II. Ishan Grover’s ‘Bindu’ is inspired by his love for pure geometric patterns and works of Raza.

Sapana Jain’s Matching Wavelength installation placed amidst the veneers adds a pop of colour to the space. The installation having a huge spring connecting two people sitting on tech-boxes represents the idea of how important it is to stay physically connected in our growing virtual reality.

Art is subjective to individual perception but is often showcased for a select few. An exposure such as this gives people the kind of exposure required to understand their own taste and preferences and create their own perception of art. It opens the domain to the masses, gives them the opportunity to start a conversation on art, and stir imagination.

The campaign will made available for public viewing until March 31 and has been in works for over six months.

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