Emirati, int’l artists display creations in ADIHEX


The new edition of ADIHEX is organised from 27th September to 3rd October, under the theme “Sustainability and Heritage A Reborn Aspiration”…reports Asian Lite News

The “Arts and Crafts” sector in ADIHEX is showcasing the art pieces made by talented Emirati, Arab and foreign artists and providing a genuine opportunity for them to connect with art enthusiasts who are fond of arts related to cultural heritage and human civilisation.

ADIHEX is keen to ensure that the art industry is represented strongly in the exhibition as it brings together creators from different continents since it has attracted many artistic participations that vary between paintings, sculptures, photographs, ornaments and outstanding crafts.

Emirati, int’l artists display creations in ADIHEX

The new edition of ADIHEX is organised from 27th September to 3rd October, under the theme “Sustainability and Heritage A Reborn Aspiration”.

Majid Ali Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee of ADIHEX and Secretary-General of the Emirates Falconers’ Club, stressed that ADIHEX is not only limited to being an international forum for the manufacturers of hunting equipment and hunting guns, the fans of Safari and marine trips, and the lovers of falconry and equestrian but it also hosts many international participations.

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Its halls, corners and lobbies are embellished with paintings, sculptures, photographs and crafts that vibe with the event and its goals for what they represent of heritage, culture and ancient environment derived from the customs and traditions of the region in general and the UAE in particular.

The upcoming edition welcomes the participation of 80 painters, visual artists and craftsmen from the UAE, various Arab countries and different parts of the world, exhibiting in their stands and pavilions in the arts and crafts sector, given that their presence represents an excellent opportunity to connect with the fans of art and hunting in the region, as well as art acquisition enthusiasts.

More than 45 painters and photographers were nominated to the painting and photography contests from the UAE, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and many other nations worldwide.

The competitions include the most beautiful painting and photography of falconry, equestrian, and heritage. With the registration period expiring on 31st August, the specialist arbitration committees began sorting out the nominated artworks before choosing the most beautiful paintings and photographs.

Emirati, int’l artists display creations in ADIHEX

The “Most Beautiful Painting” and “Most Beautiful Photography” contests target painters and photographers from all over the world. Each includes three categories (falconry, equestrian and heritage), with the top three winners of each category being honoured.

The event’s themes revolve around the desert and marine environments, as well as hunting issues and challenges, with a lot of participants keen to produce exclusive and unique artworks and paintings that feature the theme of this year, “Sustainability and heritage: A Reborn Aspiration.”

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