Infinity des Lumieres and leaders discuss the future through artistic innovation


Infinity des Lumières, the GCC’s largest digital art centre, welcomed 25 future leaders of the UAE to an interactive and thought-provoking evening on the future of innovation and art on 21 September…reports Asian Lite News

In its innovative capacity, Infinity des Lumières strongly contributes to the prestige and influence of this region, building connections among a wide range of audiences, from residents to visitors, from art lovers and museum enthusiasts to people who rarely visit traditional spaces and exhibits.

Infinity Des Lumieres x Leadership Programme

“Technology plays an incredibly important role in disseminating content to massive, diverse audiences. And while it can be argued that the purpose of art is to evoke feelings and inspire critical thinking, we believe we need to remember that one of the main goals is for art to be seen and experienced by as many people as possible. Now technology is enabling artists to do precisely that – showcase their art to millions through various channels, and it’s also providing them with mediums to create more immersive artistic experiences. These experiences initiate more interest in art, which in turn encourages artists to create more experiences – it’s a wonderfully reinforcing cycle”, said Sara Zuddas, Marketing Lead, Infinity des Lumières.

The program was designed with the intention to invest in the government’s human capital and foster a new generation of skilled and visionary leaders. The program is a year-long incremental development journey supported by a rich learning, simulation and application ecosystem. These future leaders have also demonstrated consistent high performance in their work within their entities across the Abu Dhabi Government.

ALEX KOCK, MANAGING DIRECTOR, BTS MIDDLE EAST: “Partnering with an innovative organization like IDL unlocks inspiring opportunities to shape the new kind of leadership required to reimagine and deliver on the important government mission of citizen happiness. We are thrilled to co-create these leadership development experiences with the Abu Dhabi School of Government as part of their mandate to build strategic capabilities in the government.”

Infinity Des Lumieres x Leadership Programme

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