Morocco Urged to Reject China Plea To Extradite Uyghur Activist


An online petition has been launched asking Morocco to cancel the extradition order of Idres Hasan, an Uyghur man, to China and immediately release him…reports Asian Lite News

The petition said at the current moment, millions of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims including many family members of Uyghurs across the global diaspora are currently locked up in Chinese concentration camps tortured, killed and sentenced to long term imprisonment.

Morocco Urged to Reject China Plea To Extradite Uyghur Activist

Harm of Chinese persecution is not limited to the people inside East Turkistan, Uyghurs around the world are facing persecution by the countries who had close economic and diplomatic relationship with China as China labelling every Uyghur Muslims as a terrorist.

Hasan, a 34-year-old computer software programmer and father of three young children, was arrested on July 23 while travelling from Turkey to Morocco and taken to prison near to the Tiflet town.

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On December 15, activists learned that Morocco decided to deport him to China.

This deportation means a death penalty and is against every single international law, the petition said.

He has valid Turkish residency permit.

Morocco’s decision of deporting Idris is supporting shameless crime of China’s current genocide in East Turkistan.

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