Iran using 2 bases for drone attacks Israeli Def Min


Iran is using two bases to carry out maritime attacks using drones, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz said…reports Asian Lite News

His remarks were made in a conference at the Reichman University north of Tel Aviv, a few days before the resumption of the nuclear talks between the world powers and Iran on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, reports Xinhua news agency.

Iran using 2 bases for drone attacks Israeli Def Min

Gantz revealed that Iran has launched maritime drone attacks from two bases in Chabahar and Qeshm.

Drones are “one of the main tools” that Tehran is using, he noted, adding that the drones “are precise, and can reach strategic targets within a range of thousands of kilometres”.

“This capability is already endangering international forces in the Middle East and other countries,” he said.

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Israel and Iran have been fighting a shadow war over the past years, with Israel carrying out airstrikes in Syria targeting Iranian sites and Iran being accused of standing behind a string of attacks on Israeli oil tankers in the Gulf.

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