Free Balochistan Movement commemorates Baloch Martyrs Day


The speakers paid rich tributes to Baloch Martyrs and strongly condemned the Iranian and Pakistani state oppression of Baloch people…reports Asian Lite News.

The Free Balochistan Movement held events in different cities of Europe, the US, Canada and the UK to commemorate the Baloch Martyrs’ Day on Saturday, November 13. The commemorative programs were organised by FBM Branches in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, America and the Arabian Gulf.

In Britain, the event was held at Birkbeck University in London where activists from Kurdistan, Al-Ahwaz, South Azerbaijan (occupied by Iran), Tamil and others participated to pay their respects to Baloch Martyrs as well martyrs of all occupied nations that laid their lives in defence of their nations.

A large number of Baloch activists including women and children from London and other cities of UK attended the Baloch Martyrs’ Day event to pledge that they will continue to advocate and lobby for the freedom of Balochistan from the occupation of Iran and Pakistan.

The speakers emphasised cooperation between oppressed nations and expressed their support and solidarity with the Baloch struggle for independence. The Vice President of Free Balochistan Movement Dr Shahsawar Baloch and FBM member Rasheed Baloch brief the participants of the event about the Baloch struggle, historical incidents that lead to the occupation of Baloch and the battle of 13 November 3839 when the Baloch ruler Mir Mehrab Khan Baloch refused to surrender before the British forces, as a result, he along several other comrades were killed.

Other speakers included Mr Faisal Maramazi the executive director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, Sonia Karimi, Merhri Rezai representatives of KNK Kurdistan National Congress, and KJAR (The Community of Free Women of Eastern Kurdistan), Araz Yurdseven a political and human rights activist from South Azerbaijan and Tamil activist Nila.

The speakers paid rich tributes to Baloch Martyrs and strongly condemned the Iranian and Pakistani state oppression of Baloch people. They said the unity of the oppressed nations was the need of time to make the struggles of occupied nations successful and make an impact on the international level.

Sonia Karimi also talked about the importance of Baloch women’s participation in the Baloch struggle and on the international platform to highlight the sufferings, plight and hardships that Baloch women face in the contemporary world. She added, ‘A nation cannot truly succeed without the participation of half of its population i.e. the women.’ Elsewhere, members of the Free Balochistan Movement held an event in Dusseldorf city in Germany. Speakers included Rohail Marri son of Baloch leader later Balach Marri and others who paid homage to fallen heroes of Balochistan’s freedom struggle.

They said 13 November was the day to remember the sacrifices and hardship of Baloch martyrs and who laid their lives for the prosperity of Balochistan. In addition, Free Balochistan Movement Finland, America, Sweden, Canada and Gulf Branches also organised events on 13 November – the Baloch Martyrs’ Day. The FBM activist in their messages said that due to the sacrifices of the Baloch sons of soil the Baloch national struggle for gaining momentum and international recognition.

Therefore, they said, it is imperative that follow the great philosophy and mission of Baloch martyrs to make our national movement successful. “We have to lobby and convey their message of Baloch national martyrs to all four corners of the world so that the world can help us stop Pakistani and Iranian state barbarism against our people.”

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