Media Reach Fuels Covid Campaign


They did it again. They broke the barrier to spread the message. A successful Covid vaccine campaign within a short span of time. Media Reach’s Television partnership in association with the British government regarding the Covid vaccine hits the targets. More than 20 adverts were commissioned in various languages with each channels own ‘sweetheart’ and within four weeks the spots were shot, approved and on air. The campaign has proven to be a tremendous success and seen by millions of people from various backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities and has done a lot to raise awareness of the NHS and their campaign …. Reports Asian Lite News

They broke the barriers to spread the message to one of the most diverse population in the world. With unique tailor-made contents spear-headed familiar community champions and celebrities, the campaign reaches the niche audiences across the United Kingdom.

London’s leading advertising agency Media Reach was approached by the British government to form a TV partnership to spread their Covid vaccine message to its diverse population representing every nook and corner of the work. The rainbow population of Britain speaks different languages and preserve their culture and traditions besides embracing the essence of Britishness.

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Media Reach, with its expertise on ethnic marketing, knew the pulse of the communities. The creative team produced 22 unique ads with the intention to air them on more than 20 BAME focused channels, ranging from well-known Indian channels such as Star (now Utsav), Sony Pictures, ZEE TV to popular Pakistani channels such as Hum and Geo. It clicked.

“It is vital to accommodate all cultures and communities when building a successful campaign. Creating something to tick a box, does not serve any purpose. A successful campaign is not always about the number of views. But the physical impact it has,” said Media Reach’s CEO Saad Al Saraf.

 “The success of this campaign was down to understanding the editorial needs of the people and creating relevant content and I am delighted by the response so far,” Media Reach’s Director Javed Hussain added.

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Minority channels such as Bengali Channel S, Phoenix TV, European channel Record Europa, Afro Caribbean channels such as Yanga, as well as faith based channels, were also invited to participate. Even young ethnic channels such as Brit Asia participated and called upon Apache Indian BEM to convey the UK government’s key message to young British Asians.

All of the presenters used for the campaign were specifically chosen as they truly appealed to the audiences who needed to understand that the government had made huge progress and the vaccine would be primarily rolled out to the most vulnerable. Each person would be contacted accordingly when it was their turn.

Within four weeks all ads were filmed, edited, approved and on air. All credit goes to the tireless dedication of the Media Reach team. They worked throughout day and night to meet the targets within four weeks.

Undoubtedly the campaign has proven to be a raging success so far and has been appreciated by people from across the board, old, young and middle aged.

Having created something so unique and bespoke is unlike something done solely by one media house and Media Reach were the only ones to historically fulfil such a task. The fact they did not solely focus on the South Asian Community, they included the Portuguese community, the Black and Afro Caribbean community as well as the Chinese demographic is unique and the first of its kind.

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