UK hits 30 mn boosters as major push continues


Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup said, “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the public’s response to our national mission for everyone to Get Boosted Now…reports Asian Lite News.

More than 30 million people, over 56% of adults in the UK, have now had their COVID-19 booster during a record-breaking week for top-up jabs.

Today saw a record number of daily vaccines administered, with a total of 1.06 million first, second and third jabs in arms. Of those, 968,665 were boosters as another daily record has been broken for UK top up jabs.

The expansion of the booster programme continues at rapid pace, with all eligible adults aged over 18 able to get their lifesaving jab by booking online through the National Booking Service, or by visiting their nearest walk-in vaccination centre. This week more vaccination sites have popped-up across the country making it as easy as possible to Get Boosted Now, including football stadiums and shopping centres.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said, “We’re continuing to smash booster and vaccine records – with 30 million total boosters in the UK and more than 1 million total vaccines on one day being an absolutely fantastic achievement. I am so grateful to people up and down the country for rolling up their sleeves to secure vital protection for themselves and their loved ones against Omicron this winter. Every top-up jab in someone’s arm means that as a country we are strengthening our wall of defence against the Omicron variant. Let me be absolutely clear – this festive season, the single most important thing you can do is come forward for your lifesaving booster jab.”

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup said, “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the public’s response to our national mission for everyone to Get Boosted Now. Today’s milestone of 30 million boosters is a phenomenal achievement and a true representation of the community spirit we share here in the UK. In the race between vaccine and virus, it is thanks to the work of our wonderful NHS that we are able to stay ahead and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Everyone can play their part. Please – keep coming forward for your lifesaving booster jab. It has never been easier, as you can book an appointment via the National Booking Service or choose to queue up at one of our vaccination centres around the country.”

Meanwhile, Dr Emily Lawson, head of the NHS vaccination programme, said, “Our NHS staff have pulled out all the stops, aided by our fantastic volunteers, to accelerate the NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Programme ahead of Christmas and we have now administered more than 30 million doses across the UK, including 26 million in England alone. Being asked to accelerate the booster programme, the NHS has delivered lifesaving covid vaccines at an unprecedented rate, breaking daily and weekly records, and I would urge anyone yet to book in for their vital top-up dose to do so at the earliest opportunity – there are plenty of appointments available and it is the best way to guarantee protection for you and your loved ones this winter.”

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