Allow safe evacuation of civilians: OIC


The OIC on Sunday organized a meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan….reports Asian Lite News

The 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has expressed concern about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and underscored the importance of cooperation in facilitating the safe evacuation of civilians wishing to leave the war-ravaged country.

The OIC on Sunday organized a meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. At the meeting, OIC Secretary-General Dr Yousef Al-Othaimeen urged the ruling regime (Taliban) to respect international humanitarian law and the right to life and security, ARY News reported.

“The meeting also urged all parties to work towards advancing the interests of the Afghan people, to renounce violence and urgently restore security and civil order throughout the Afghan society, and to establish lasting peace to achieve the aspirations of the Afghan people for stability, decent life, respect of their rights, and prosperity,” said a final communique, issued after the Saudi Arabia-based organisation.

“The meeting underscored cooperation in facilitating safe evacuation operations and underscored that civilians wishing to leave Afghanistan must be allowed to do that,” it added.

The members underscored the necessity for inclusive dialogue among all Afghan parties, representative of the people of Afghanistan for the future of their country.

They expressed serious concern about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan because of the increased flow of internally displaced persons and refugees due to the current situation in the country.

The meeting called upon the future Afghan leadership and the international community to ensure that Afghanistan is never again used as a platform or haven for terrorists and not allow terrorist organizations to have a foothold there.

The Islamic Nations also underscored the necessity to resolve intra-Afghan differences through peaceful means. (ANI)

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