Egypt Honours Effat Mostafa


Another star is rising in Egypt. Minister of Immigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Nabila Makram meets Effat Mostafa, who is ranked in the list of the 100 most powerful Arab personalities …. Reports Fathima Sadiq

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs received young Egyptian woman, Effat Mostafa, who was ranked among the list of 100 most powerful Arab personalities under the age of forty.

Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs with Effat Mostafa

Mostafa is the only Arab official specialised in maritime media, as she has extensive experience in the maritime sector, and a proven record of success and achievements. Her several academic achievements in this important field will be celebrated through her participation in the “Egyptian woman worth 100 men” initiative.

Mustafa won many prestigious awards in the maritime sector. She was the youngest Arab journalist to publish more than 500 articles in various fields of the maritime sector. She published her articles in a number of Emirati newspapers such as Al-Watan and Gulf Today, and her press articles were chosen. Her work has also been published in a number of prestigious books and periodicals, including the article “Issues in Comparative Politics” published by Professor Todd Landman in the United States of America, during her career that extends for more than 9 years.

Ambassador Nabila Makram expressed her pride in Mostafa, an Egyptian abroad, being chosen, among the list of 100 most powerful Arab personalities under the age of forty. Mostafa is a role model for young Egyptian women abroad, who raised the name of Egypt high, due to the success she has achieved. She is an expert in the field of maritime media, also becoming the first among women in the Arab world to have mastered this unique field. She is also one of the prominent members of AWIMA. She contributed greatly, through her pioneering endeavors during her career with the association in ensuring the reduction of the gender gap.

The Minister of Immigration said that they launched “Egyptian woman worth 100 men” initiative to utilise the transformative power of successful role models of Egyptian women abroad to contribute to promoting Egypt externally and to inform the world about the achievements of the Egyptian state in various fields, as well as participating in the “A Decent Life” initiative to develop the Egyptian countryside. With her participation in the initiative, Mostafa will be a great addition, especially with regard to the media aspect, to promote an accurate image of Egypt abroad.

Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs with Effat Mostafa

Effat Mostafa expressed her happiness at meeting Ambassador Nabila Makram, and her celebration of what she has achieved during her career despite her young age, stressing that she will work with all her energy to participate in the initiatives of the Ministry of Immigration in a way that supports Egypt externally and to benefit from its experts in the maritime sector. Responding to the call of the minister to participate in the “Egyptian woman worth 100 men” initiative, Mostafa will deploy her comprehensive media experience as the official Marketing Communications Head for the IMO Women Committee’s AWIMA.

The meeting witnessed the agreement on the contribution of Mostafa in organizing virtual seminars with leading Egyptian experts in the maritime sector within the framework of the “Egypt Can by Industry” conference in order to benefit from the experiences of Egyptian pioneers in this field to keep pace with the global development in maritime investment, exchange experiences and shed light. With future investment opportunities in the field of maritime investment booming, especially since Egypt has a great opportunity to become a pioneer in this field, Mostafa also proposed the idea of ​​holding an “Arab Forum for Investment in the Maritime Sector” with the participation of Egyptian and Arab businessmen concerned with continuous development. This move will promote the growth of the maritime sector locally and regionally.

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