Kalashnikov CEO lauds UAE’s IDEX


Lepin also revealed that “some important people” in the Gulf had showed interest in Kalashnikov’s compact pistol at Abu Dhabi event…reports Binsal Abdulkader

 This year’s International Defence Exhibition and the Naval Defence Exhibition (IDEX and NAVDEX) in Abu Dhabi has helped promote Kalashnikov products in the Arabian Gulf region, according to the top executive of the Kalashnikov group of companies, the largest Russian arms manufacturer globally known for its AK-47 rifles.

“Our rifles and pistols are in demand in the Gulf region, especially the ones such as our new Lebedev Pistol for special forces,” said Vladimir Lepin, CEO of the group at Army 2021, an international military show being held in Moscow.

“There was also interest [at IDEX] in our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with reconnaissance and monitoring functions. In Russia these UAVs are operated by the major oil and gas companies,” he said.

Lepin also revealed that “some important people” in the Gulf had showed interest in Kalashnikov’s compact pistol at Abu Dhabi event.

“We hope that our new 9 mm submachine gun PPK-20 will be of particular interest to the special and security forces in the Gulf region,” he added.

The company unveiled a prototype of PPK-20 at Army 2021, being held from 22nd to 28th August at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The PPK-20 has completed state trials, and is now awaiting the final decision of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in regards to adoption by the Armed Forces.

The submachine gun can also serve as PDW (Personal Defence Weapon), a firearm for combat vehicle crews or various support units, and for special force units that operate in urban areas, inside structures and vehicles, and in crowded environments.

The company also displayed the production version of the brand-new MP-155 Ultima SMART shotgun at ARMY-2021. The gun is designed to meet the requirements of modern users who cannot go without hi-tech gadgets. Its world debut took place at IDEX in February 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

The 15th edition of IDEX was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

Asked about the new trends in military equipment orders received by the company, the CEO said, “The army and Special Forces in Russia want not only the new high quality arms but a comprehensive approach in which all systems interface and thus build up a soldier capability.”

“Kalashnikov offers comprehensive solutions to the army that include rifles, pistols, guided missiles, as well as UAVs plus modular carry system for the soldier,” he continued.

Kalashnikov also presented its new advanced S-8L guided missile at Army 2021.

The S-8L guided missile with semiactive homing head can be used by various carriers, including all types of helicopters or aircrafts, as well as UAVs.

The Kalashnikov Group and the cooperation companies are currently seeking the opportunities to apply the air-launched guided missile Vikhr-1 using various types of carriers. Such works are conducted to complete a major overhaul and modernization of the Mi-28N helicopters.

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