Many Pakistanis distribute sweets to celebrate Taliban victory


The development came a few days after demonstrators raised their voices in several countries against Islamabad’s role in the Afghanistan debacle…reports Asian Lite News

As the world watched the turmoil in Afghanistan, many Pakistanis celebrated the Taliban’s gunpoint victory in the country, The Washington Post reported.

Several Islamist organisations in Pakistan distributed sweets while netizens highlighted the “failure of the US.” A senior Islamabad official mocked the assessments of Western experts on South Asia.

“Afghanistan is presently witnessing a virtually smooth shifting of power from the corrupt Ghani government to the Taliban,” a Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a tweet.

The development came a few days after demonstrators raised their voices in several countries against Islamabad’s role in the Afghanistan debacle and blamed the country for helping the Taliban.

Recently around 300 persons also gathered at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to protest against Pakistan for supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghans living in the southern Australian city of Adelaide also called for an end to the ongoing violence in Afghanistan by the Taliban and denounced the Pakistan government for their interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Voices from across the world have been increasingly urging hard-hitting economic sanctions on Pakistan for its proxy war in Afghanistan.

Many experts and the majority of Afghans believe that Islamabad is behind the Taliban’s aggressive advance against the government forces in Afghanistan and that Islamabad has been assisting the terror group on all possible fronts.

Co-education banned

In its first “fatwa” after the siege of Kabul, the Taliban in Herat province have ordered all government and private universities to end co-education in their centres, a media report said.

In western Herat province, the Taliban have ordered that girls will no longer be allowed to sit in the same classes with boys in government and private universities, Afghanistan’s Khaama Press reported on Saturday.

In a three-hour-long meeting between university lecturers, owners of private institutions, and the Taliban, the latter said that there is no alternative and justification for continuing with co-education and it must be ended, the report said.

The country has separate classes boys and girls in schools and there is co-education in government and private universities.

Officials have raised their concerns over the decision as separate classes can be managed in public universities and institutions but it’s difficult in private institutes as there are fewer female students.

Mullah Farid, who represented the Taliban during the meeting, said that co-education should be ended because this system is the root of all evils in society.

Taliban entered Kabul on August 15. The city has witnessed chaotic scenes over the past week with people rushing to the airport to flee the country. Many countries have also started evacuating their citizens and diplomatic personnel from the war-torn country. (ANI)

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